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I read the news today, oh boy. Horror cloaked in hope,
I couldn't look away for the noise
Was so blatant in them black & white pages,
All our joys are so vacant,
A complacent generation excavating all the patience and the
Rations, irrationally manufacturing casualties. Actually,
I'm thirsty in this heat...
Man kills man, 'cause man's gotta eat,
But there ain't no fruits or berries, roots or dairies in the streets.
Hater kills hater 'cause he's got a brutish mouth,
And there ain't no room for saviors when the town's gone south.
There is no justice in nature, just guns & erasers.
They'll make sure that history is written with razors.
What happens when your neighbors start asking you for favors
With a paper grin? Grasp behind the back called Kalishnikov.
Mazeltov with maletovs, gnawing all the olives off
The rotted branch. The dead dance with red hands.
Humans are so funny, our plans are so ugly,
And imagining humanity takes my lunch from me.
I can't eat money, I'm so hungry, I just stand still.
Future historians read about it in the landfill.
Won't understand why they can only find "69
Ways To Fuck Your Man's Drill." Killed us off.
Couldn't eat up all this gloss, oh my gosh...
I'm so hungry. I'm so hungry, and the dead spines
from all these headlines are just rotting in my tummy.
Treyvon, you got lost in the gloss.
And Zimmerman is sittin' in his skin, made of gloss
Trying to slurp all the gloss, jerkin' off to Minaj.
The Middle East with mean streets, is poppin' off,
But all the bombs and 'Allahs" don't make a peep against the gloss.
Hold up, Snowden, was it all a lost cause?
I'm a camel and this gloss is an awful lot of straws...
Oh my gosh.

And hidden in the sentences of Lennon, hear the end begin.
I read the news today, won't make that mistake again.


from cottonmouth (demo), released August 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Miles of Smiles Austin, Texas

white noise.

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