I spit rhymes until that shit shines.
Outsider, I'm strivin' to stay gold.
My soul unfolds like unrolling red carpets.
Pardon all this garbage, it's a sparkler in the darkness.
Heart skips, tart lips -- fucking starving artist.
Tryin' to start shit, but it's harder than a yardstick.
Do I make you carsick? Baby, try and keep up,
Maybe we can roll some weed up, roll the window down and speed up,
Smokin' reefer, going down to southern lands like Kiefer.
No guns, punish with puns, replenish my funds, son.
Eat a waffle, hit a brothel,
And my hair look so good, got ya trumped like Donald.
I'm blessed to blossom in the autumn.
I represent for Austin, for the lost, and for the awesome.
Often high and my cough is violent.
Choking on this spliff like I need the Heimlich.


from cottonmouth (demo), released August 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Miles of Smiles Austin, Texas

white noise.

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